Hello, I'm Ross!

I'm a freelance website designer & developer from Doncaster, South Yorkshire. I specialise in Laravel & Vue.js web applications.

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Growing up I've always had an interest in technology. I like to know how things work, and if that means taking them apart and trying to put them together again - so be it.

I have been designing & developing websites for about 10 years, constantly and consistently adapting as time goes on and new technologies emerge.

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Setup wildcard domain routing using Laravel Forge

This is useful if you need to build a Laravel application that can be run on multiple domains, but you're not sure what those domain names will be yet. For example, you might have a SAAS application that allows users to setup custom domain names on their profiles.

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I also run a website design company called Digizu. We specialise in website development but have worked on projects for all types of advertising & marketing.

Digizu Web Design